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I look for a java workflow engine that handles milestones. It shall enforce the sequence of milestones and allow to create time dependencies. Not the traditional BPMN business process flow (but rather a subset), not even sure if workflow engine is the proper term for my requirement.

Random Sample:

  1. Customer provides credit card @ time t1 00:00
  2. Customer start pumping petrol @ time t2 within 10 minutes after t1.
  3. stops pumping @ time t3
  4. Customer pays purchase @ time t4 within 5 minutes after t3
  5. Customer gives feedback for survey, optional but only if t1 to t4 happened.

t1 to t4 must happen in sequence.

Any ideas ? I dont want to implement because at a later stage BPMN might come into the picture. I want to embed it into my EE EJB solution, not running as separate service.

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guess I am looking into wrong direction ! Event-Driven-Architecture, ESP and CEP are the right tags ! Interesting overview here: – javadude Aug 8 '11 at 1:15

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Not keen to answer myself, but it is worth to look into

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