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I am using sound cloud api (specifically js player) and want to get all comments of the specific track. Their api says this:


which I dont get, what's ID and how to query it in general. Can you give me a simple example how to get all comments for the track?

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What programming language do you use? – PeeHaa Dec 20 '11 at 22:55
He uses JavaScript (js player) – Jeena May 26 '12 at 17:43

the id is the track ID, every track on SoundCloud has its own ID you get it when you get the track data, one of the fields is called id.

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To find the ID of a track, given just its permalink (the url you see when you look at the track on soundcloud.com), then you can use the /resolve endpoint (broken onto a new lines for legibility)

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Old post but I recently had to do this. Here is how to do it with javascript:

To get track id where PATH is path to song:

      , function (track, err) {
        // obtain track's id
        var TRACK_ID = track.id;

then use that ID to get your comment list

      , function (comments, err) {
        var COMMENTS = comments;

live example here: http://runnable.com/UuiVmRRoiBglAACt/get-a-tracks-comments-on-soundcloud-in-javascript

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