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I noticed the last few weeks that programmers with higher experience do not discuss "coding" issues very often, rather they discuss design issues. I really love to learn about these patterns, I know the concepts of OO Programming and Design, I'm already applying a decent amount of these principles in my daily work, I try to keep my components modular, reusable, and each one has a specific, well defined responsibilities. Lately i'v been advised to start learning about the various design patterns (the advisor recommended code complete as a start), he mentioned some names of some popular patterns (like MVC, SingleTon, and others). So SO Gurus! how should I start learning about these patterns?

Because of the detailed explanation i think i'm goona give Saua the point

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  1. learn about them (I personally like the C2 Wiki, others might suggest "Design Patterns" by the Gang of Four)
  2. apply them
  3. grossly mis-apply them (prime candidate: singelton)
  4. learn why number 3 was a mistake
  5. learn to apply them properly

That's more of a observation report than an instructional list ;-)

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well put! when you learn your tools, lock them in your toolbox and only pull them out when needed! don't become a member of the "pattern of the week" club! –  Scott Stanchfield Apr 1 '09 at 21:18

"Head-First Design Patterns" may be a fun way to start (also check the discussion on the link).

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This should be required reading for anyone who wants to use design patterns (or wants to write a book on programming, for that matter!) –  Jeremy Frey Mar 30 '09 at 13:21
+1 This is a great book. And I always enjoy reading it. –  Gant Mar 30 '09 at 13:44

You start by reading the book Design patterns

alt text

Then you start a little project, try them. There is no better way to learn than to try it. Add a few friends for better results.

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Though Code Complete is an excellent book (it is absolutely a must-have in my opinion), it is not the best of books to learn about patterns.

If you want to learn about patterns, a good book would be the Design Patterns book by the Gang of Four. It is a reference to some of the commonly used design patterns.

As for the patterns you mention: I see the MVC pattern more as an architectural pattern then a design pattern, since it effects the structure of the entire system (the architecture) rather than a more isolated piece of code. Singleton (not singletone) is an easy to grasp pattern, though it is overused and the downsides of it are often overlooked, so I wouldn't recommend to start with it (or at least, read it, learn the idea behind it, but don't just start applying it everywhere for the sake of using it - you usually don't really need it).

It's hard to recommend a pattern to start with, but I think Factory Method, Command, and Strategy are not too hard to learn, but I'm sure others could disagree.

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Other than the books mentioned here, check this site for some theory with good examples.

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