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I have a main page that include a javascript that was creating an iframe dynamically same below:

   document.domain = ""

   var iframe = document.createElement("iframe");
  // creating other element in ifram dynamically 

But in IE I kept receiving a security warning because of document.domain = "" (I need document.domain and I can not remove it).

I found a solution for IE8. this is the solution :

var u = 'javascript:(function(){;document.domain="";document.close();})()';
iframe.src = u;

But it does not work on IE6. Is there any solution for my problem?

Note: I want to create other element in iframe by script and I want to load the content of iframe by src.

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Create the iFrame using innerHTML.

Write the full HTML for the iFrame including the SRC attribute. Then find your element and set innerHTML to the string with the iFrame source.

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