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Should stateId be meaningful or a random string is sufficient? stateId:"gridState" is good but useless, can i just type stateId:"aERDRasd"

What is your idea? what can I do?

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The value for the stateId config option can be any value, even a random one, provided it is unique for your ExtJS application and consistent across page/site reloads.

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don't use a random string because it could conflict with another "random" string causing you hours of debugging later on.

instead, use something that you know will be unique and consistent due to the coding standards you decide to follow.

for example, i use state followed by the widget.alias in camelCase instead of lowercase like this...

Ext.define('my.view.user.ContactList', {
    extend: 'Ext.grid.GridPanel',
    alias: 'widget.contactlist',
    stateId: 'stateContactList',
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