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Placement of the asterisk in Objective-C

I am confused, is there a difference between declaring a pointer as NSString* myVar; and NSString *myVar; ?

i.e. is the location of the asterix significant?

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No, there is no difference. However I think that 2nd one is more readable.

int* a, b;
int *a, b;

In the 2nd one it is clear that a is a pointer but b is not. But in the 1st line it looks like both a and b are pointers which is not true.

But still, this is a personal choice and there is NO difference from compiler's point of view in the two lines.

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Including the fact that both lines are abominations, and a and b should be split up on separate lines before disaster strikes. –  Alex Gosselin Aug 7 '11 at 12:37


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