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I have a WPF application, which until now - was an browser-based application. Now - due some changes in project i want to be able to run that application as desktop application. My question is - is it possible, that by using single CSProj file, and adding extra build configuration, to have single WPF Project which would build to desktop and web-based app? I want to be able to choose between options:

  • Debug (application is building as web-WPF-app, and is launched in web browser)
  • Release (same)
  • Debug Desktop (application is building as desktop-WPF-app, and is launched as client-desktop app)
  • Release Desktop (same)

Kind regards

Szymon D.

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The output type of a project is independent from the Build configuration in Visual Studio.

Also, why? Why not factor out the things that are shared into DLLs and creating separate projects per output type?

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Good answer. Even as a WPF it is hard to fool it into using more than 1 starting window. – Paparazzi Aug 7 '11 at 14:19

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