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I have a scenario where I have WSS 3.0 only on a server and I would like to be able to log to the ULS log. In most cases, I have MOSS 2007 installed on the same server and can use the class/method Microsoft.Office.Server.Diagnostics.PortalLog.LogString but that is not an option in this case.

Have anyone else been able to successfully log to the ULS log on a WSS-only server? If not, do you use a logging component instead like log4net etc or how do you log? Logging to the ULS log would be strongly preferred.

TIA, Magnus

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Microsoft has documented it with this example on MSDN

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I use log4net with the ULS LogAppender fromCodeplex:

The details on that are here:

And the log4net is here:

I find this to be the best solution simply because where and how I log is something that changes from client to client and log4net allows me to re-configure this really easily.

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