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I am using following code in my android app in a for loop of albumIDs to make requests for getting specific photo object information:

AsyncFacebookRunnerObj.request(currentAlbumID +"/photos?fields=id,name,source,created_time", new myRequestListner, refString);

I know the albumIDs of my friend's profile which I can see from my facebook profile. Though I can see all the albums I want to retrieve (they are public), but calls to this function still returns empty for some of albumIDs while for others it works perfectly fine.

When I access the albums using Graph API explorer i can retrieve all photos from all albums. Access_token in this case is different but I guess it is supposed to be different because in my case I am accessing it from app.

Please let me know what can be wrong?


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I tried Graph API batch request from (… of individual requests as mentioned above, still the result is same. I can't access photos in few albums but in others I can. – shaffooo Aug 7 '11 at 17:26

I ran into a similar issue with the FB JS SDK. Check that your json parser is parsing the album id as a string instead of a long/double (probably only a mixed-type language issue, but worth investigating).

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