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I want to implement web search in my android application (e.g google search) and display the results in an android list view.

Where do I start? I'm not asking for code , just reference to the right documentation / what do i need to google or can you just point me to the right direction.

Thank you

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Check ListView Tutorials first. There are a lot of samples that you could refer to. – Kumar Bibek Aug 7 '11 at 20:38

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Too sad stackoverflow is dying.. you could use to rely on it to get an answer or at least more then a skim. I'm pretty sure most java programmers could answer this but if you are looking for the answer here it is:

  1. more general answer - its a custom library for working with real-world HTML

  2. more specific to my question (which was google related) - Google json Its google's api that lets you get search results using any programming language..

Hope stackoverflow will see better days, its a great site. Joe.

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You may find that answers are more readily given to less general questions. If it get's down voted it's probably because it's not understood what is being asked. e.g Is there a search API available for google? Does anybody know of a good html parsing library in Android. How to Ask – Merlin Aug 11 '11 at 1:08

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