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How to make Notepad++ run script based on its name?

I want to run an application through notepad++ by clicking Run>Run... But is there a way to get my current opened files path and put it in the Run dialog box automatically? I want to run a compiler and it needs to know the full path of my current file. It would be great to just press one key and the compiler would compile my file.

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Notepad++ has environment variables that you can access in your run script:

FULL_CURRENT_PATH   : E:\my Web\main\welcome.html
CURRENT_DIRECTORY   : E:\my Web\main\
FILE_NAME           : welcome.html
NAME_PART           : welcome
EXT_PART            : html

You access these by using $(varname).

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To run a new command:

Select Run->Run.... A dialog will pop up asking for the path to the program and possible any command line parameters. You can use the browse button to search for your program. The drop down list provides recently run programs. The command line arguments can also be based on the status of the current document, and are always enclosed in $(...), where … can be:

FULL_CURRENT_PATH the fully qualified path to the current document.

CURRENT_DIRECTORY The directory the current document resides in.

FILE_NAME The filename of the document, without the directory.

NAME_PART The filename without the extension.

EXT_PART The extension of the current document.

NPP_DIRECTORY The directory that contains the notepad++.exe executable that is currently running.

CURRENT_WORD The currently selected text in the document.

CURRENT_LINE The current line number that is selected in the document (0 based index, the first line is 0).

CURRENT_COLUMN The current column the cursor resides in (0 based index, the first position on the line is 0).


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