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I quite new with CMake, but I have a problem with porting an existing library to it. In order to simplify, I will only work on 2 files : angle.cpp and angle.h. The files are this ones :


and I will run CMake and produce the Makefile in /cmaketest/.

My CMakeLists is currently this one :


SET(cmaketest_SRCDIR src)
FILE(GLOB cmaketest_HEADERS ${cmaketest_SRCDIR}/*.h )

ADD_EXECUTABLE(cmaketest ${cmaketest_SOURCES} ${cmaketest_HEADERS})

But the problem is that in angle.cpp, the header is included not by "angle.h" but by <src/angle.h>

So with the current cmake file I got the following error when I execute make :

/cmaketest/src/angle.cpp:1:23: fatal error: src/angle.h: file not found

How to solve the problem ? (for backward compatibility I can't modify <src/angle.h> in the .cpp file)

Thank you very much.

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Try adding the project directory as an include directory by using the include_directories command:

file (GLOB cmaketest_HEADERS ${cmaketest_SRCDIR}/*.h )

add_executable(cmaketest ${cmaketest_SOURCES} ${cmaketest_HEADERS})
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