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I have some misunderstandings in the following concept:

  • Quality Assurance vs Quality Management
  • Quality assurer tasks vs Quality Manager tasks
  • What is the scope of QA and QM

Thanks in advance

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You should ask this here : sqa.stackexchange.com –  Tristan Aug 7 '11 at 17:07

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Quality Assurance is the much more common term. It's used to refer to all aspects of testing in the software development life cycle (it's also used outside of software, but this site is for software).

Quality Management in practice is the exact same thing. The only difference is that QM acknowledges that there will always be bugs and thus you're managing the expected quality of your software and the bugs that are there, as opposed to "assuring" quality (which really may not mean bug free, but just a stated expectation of quality).

IMO, differentiating between the two is pointless. QA is far more commonly used, so just stick to that. If you're in a company or working with a client that thinks QM is the more appropriate term to use, then just go with it.

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