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I've set up a Virtual Attribute tagging system as shown by Ryan Bates here:

The system works really well for applying tags to my models and is something I implemented into my system a couple of days ago. I then went in and followed the simple search tutorial by Ryan Bates here: My issue is that now my search form searches though names and I just happen to have implemented tags - it only makes sense for me to also be searching the tags. Unfortunately I'm not extremely experienced in Ruby on Rails and the only way I could even get it to kind of work was to do a bunch of loops that looped around everything and even then I couldn't figure out how to search the array I'd got (and the loops made everything very sluggish).

Does anyone know how I could do something like this?

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I ended up using Sunspot as shown here:

With code as shown here:

text :taggings do{ |tagging| }
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