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I am trying to install predis through pear in the osx terminal and getting this error:

$ pear install pearhub/predis
Attempting to discover channel "pearhub"...
Attempting fallback to https instead of http on channel "pearhub"...
unknown channel "pearhub" in "pearhub/predis"
invalid package name/package file "pearhub/predis"
install failed

Do you know what I have to do to discover pearhub?

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PEAR needs to know what "pearhub" means. In this case, it means "pearhub.org", a project repository. Discover like this:

$ pear channel-discover pearhub.org
$ pear install pearhub/predis
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Predis git repository https://github.com/nrk/predis/ contains link to PEAR channel http://pear.nrk.io/ and following instruction here:

  1. pear channel-discover pear.nrk.io
  2. pear remote-list -c nrk
  3. pear install nrk/predis
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