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I have been having this problem in a lot of websites we build. Basicaly, the global scope is this:

  • The website shall adapted itself to all different window sizes
  • Users navigate in it with the keyboard OR the mouse
  • All the different sections of pages are already there (hidden) or loaded via Ajax (no url change)
  • Some elements (like images) need to keep the original aspect ratio
  • Some element (like paragraphs) have a fixed width, but no known height (auto)
  • When the website load, only the first section is visible.

Right now, I tried this:

  • Saving all the element's original width and height on init: This fails because images are not loaded...
  • Saving all the element's original width and height on load: This adds a delay that is not wanted
  • Do a mix of the two first solution, on init for text, on load for images: This works as wanted, but only if the element is visible and that all his parents are too.
  • On resize, show all, resize, hides those that need to be hidden... This lagged all browsers.
  • On resize stop (50 msec after the last resize event): This prevent the animated flow on all individual resize events.

So, this brings us to the question title...

Anybody has something on this kind of situation ?

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can you post some code or explain your question better ? –  eicto Aug 7 '11 at 18:47
I wish I could, the code in problem is present in too many places. The problem is really about trying to set the size of some DOM element, while they are hidden and I must know their original (browser calculated) size before doing the actual resize –  Developer IT Aug 7 '11 at 20:17

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