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I've been trying to get up to speed with unit testing in Windows Phone 7, and I have a basic test harness working, but when running the tests with the debugger attached, an Assert failure will cause VS to break at the exception:


From what I've read, I should be able to stop this behavior by disabling first chance exceptions. I tried unchecking User-unhandled from the Common Language Runtime Exceptions on the Debug->Exceptions dialog, as described in this blog post. This post was about enabling first chance exceptions, but I expected doing the opposite would disable them.

I tried adding the specific exception names as described in this blog post, and that also did not work:

Debug Exceptions Dialog

Other details:

I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction, or at least confirm that this does in fact work on their machine.

Ultimately, this isn't a big problem; I could start without debugging (CTRL+F5), and eventually, shouldn't hit this anyway since all the tests should pass, but it's annoying that I can't get it to run through without breaking into VS.

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Have you tried this?

Add to your config file:

     <assert assertuienabled="false"/> 
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Thanks, but WP7 projects don't have an app.config file. I did a little research and it looks like that config setting maps to the DefaultTraceListener.AssertUiEnabled property, but I'm not sure how to make use of it. – Jeff Ogata Aug 7 '11 at 23:59
Sorry.... I suppose a hackey solution would be to add a compile directives #if ? – JonAlb Aug 8 '11 at 0:07

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