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I'm trying to follow some old C++ tutorial which use old version o wxWidgets framework (2.6 I think), but I have complied version 2.9.1, where I could not find wxGetElapsedTime() and wxStartTimer() methods.

The elapsed time method is used as argument to srand() method to 'randomize' initial random seed value and the author of the tutorial use after that wxStartTimer() to reset timer to zero (instead of use wxGetElapsedTime(true)).


After some search on Google I found, that those methods are deprecated, but I could not find some clue which functions are used in 2.9+ wxWidgets instead.

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wxStopWatch * stopWatch = new wxStopWatch();

updateSomethingByTime( stopWatch->Time() );
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I found, that wxTimer have start() method, which does same thing as old wxStartTimer() method, and I did used wxGetLocalTime() for seed number generation. Thanks. –  Sorceror Aug 16 '11 at 17:41

You could try the wxStopWatch class it has methods like those for measuring times. Not sure how you'd get the system uptime for seeding srand() though, although you could get the current time from wxDateTime and use that.

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