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I would like to make a page where I can load other pages from different domains into it. Loaded pages should work as they work by themselves.

The reason is adding extra functionality to them.

I have tried to do it with JavaScript and iframes, but I was limited by the Same origin policy. Now I'm thinking about Java Applets/JavaFX/Apache Pivot. I have read that with digital signatures they are able to establish a connection to load a page.

My page should also take some information (title, favicon, etc) from the loaded page.

Am I right looking in this way? Or it's still impossible to do? In other case which technology is a better choice?

P.S. Thanks for your help

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you can try to use a proxy that will deliver the content to your domain, and then you can manipulate the pages anyway you want (with iframes or ajax).
Let's say you make a php proxy named "proxy.php":

        echo file_get_contents($_GET['url']);

The iframe's src should not be pointed to the external page (<iframe src="somedomain.com/somepage" />), but to your proxy that delivers the contents of that page to you : <iframe src="proxy.php?url=somedomain.com/somepage" />.
This would be an easy way to manage your task, altough you cannot really "copy" other sites this way

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I can't use my server. The cookies will be lost, script on the page won't work correctly. –  for_me Aug 7 '11 at 20:48

Think of it this way, in your server side e.g. with php and curl download the page from the other domain and then ajax them into your webpage with jQuery. It's like proxying pages, but now they are in you server and you can avoid granting crossdomain rules.

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