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I have uploaded an image to Amazon S3 storage. But how can I access this image by url? I have made the folder and file public but still get AccessDenied error if try to access it by url https://s3.amazonaws.com/bucket/path/image.png

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This is an older question, but for anybody who comes across this question, once I made the file public I was able to access my image as https://mybucket.s3.amazonaws.com/myfolder/afile.jpg

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Seems like you can now simply right-click on any folder inside a bucket and select 'Make Public' to make everything in that folder public. It may not work at the bucket level itself.

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make sure you access image using the same case as it was uploaded and stored on S3. for example, if you uploaded image_name.JPG, you should use the same name, but not image_name.jpg

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I was having the same problem. I have the issue the spacing in image url. I did this to make it work:

String imgUrl=prizes.get(position).getImagePreview().replaceAll("\\s","%20");

now pass this url to picasso:

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