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I am thinking of creating a certain web system. It involves a lot of different (random) people uploading scanned documents of stuff they wrote.

Is there any PHP open source way converting these handwritten texts to machine text?

I found this question but would like to know if it is capable of recognizing a lot of random & different people's writing?

Do anyone have experience to share of this field?

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FYI this is called OCR. –  Chris Aug 7 '11 at 22:16

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See related question on SO: handwriting recognition with simple training

Image-based handwriting recognition is also known as Off-line handwriting recognition.

If the handwritten characters are always capital-letter, post-office style, it can be handled by Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), which is image-based.

The difference between off-line (image-based) and on-line (real-time) recognition is that the latter requires you to record the timestamp (position and velocity) of each stroke as it is being written.

An image-based recognition engine can handle on-line data by converting the timestamped strokes into an image. To the contrary, an on-line recognition engine cannot handle image-based inputs. As such, on-line recognition is technically easier and open-source projects are available.

Several Wikipedia articles contain lists of OCR/ICR software providers:

An example of on-line handwriting recognition engine (open-source):

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i have done ocr from php using tesseract-ocr


the results weren't that great, and i doubt it supports handwriting but i would be interested to see what others have done

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This is not possible as hand-writing differs too much that a computer program can find the pattern to recognize the text in there. You can try with OCR, ideally with a library that interfaces well with PHP e.g. via shell for a starter. See Ocrad - The GNU OCR.

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