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I have a bunch of UIButtons mimicking actual arcade-style buttons.

For some reason I remember seeing somewhere that I can have the button use a different image when it is pressed and when it is not pressed. I just can't find it now that I actually need it... think it was somewhere in IB.

I haven't declared them programmatically so if that's where the option lies I'm SOL.

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If you look in the attributes inspector for a button in IB, you'll see a drop-down list labelled "State Config" in the same group as the "Image" attribute. The options in this list are "Default", "Highlighted", "Selected" and "Disabled" - choose one of these, then select an image to set it for that state.

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Right on, thanks. 8 mins to accept. – Peter Kazazes Aug 7 '11 at 23:06

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