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are there any open-source/free tools which we can use to draw the charts and graphs? I was trying HighCharts but seems like when it loads the data it loads forever

Thank you

More Info
- I am trying to count the total number of nodes and to many nodes each of these nodes is connected. The dataset is collected from SNAP.
- After map-reduce I have in output almost 739454 nodes that I want to visualise on a graph.
- for example : x-axis refers to nodes and y-axis refers to how many nodes are connected to a node on x-axis

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Can you clarify: Are you seeking to visualize properties of the data or attempting to do network visualization? For the former, there are lots of good tools, including R. For the latter, there are fewer tools, but attempting to visualize networks of ~1M gets old very quickly. – Iterator Aug 8 '11 at 1:55

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Frankly, your question does not give enough to work with.

Beyond 1 million data points, it is senseless to plot every point, unless you have a nice gigapixel monitor (or an even nicer exapixel monitor, but these aren't for everyone).

The big boys of data (be it big data, bigger data, and holy-mackerel-what-are-we-gonna-do-with-all-this-data) work with R. Once you load the data, simply try hexbin for hexagonal binning.

You need to describe your problem in more detail.

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okay, so I ran a map reduce over a dataset of google-web-graph(SNAP: Stanford Network Analysis Project) and trying to visualize nodes with their connectivity, this is just to learn how to use hadoop and how to visualize the dataset. please let me know what tools we can use for such purposes – daydreamer Aug 7 '11 at 23:27
I recommend adding that information to the original question. :) Visualizing very large networks is a very different beastie than more typical data visualization problems. Please include information about the # of nodes and some of the questions or usage you'd like to explore. – Iterator Aug 7 '11 at 23:58

You've probably already seen this but:

Has some links to some pretty awesome data visualization libraries.

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MathGL (GPL plotting library) can easily plot such data.

But keep in mind, that if you want too see the exact value of each node then you'll need HUGE output picture (vector or bitmap). So, you may need to plot all of them into small bitmap for overall view, or only part of nodes to see its values.

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