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I'm installing Django onto a Windows system with Python 2.6 and IIS7 using PyISAPIe, and I'm so close I can taste it. Creating a little Django project and running it gives me:

Possible recursion detected! You probably did a passthrough with PyISAPIe configured as an application map instead of a wildcard map.

From various other postings, I get the impression it has to do with the handler mappings in IIS, and specifically how PyISAPIe is mapped to handle calls, but I'm at a loss beyond that point. One blog suggests changing PyIsapie.py to reflect a different error, but that just shifts the reaction around, not corrects the problem. In IIS7 PyISAPIe is set to * (complete wildcard) mapped to the .dll. Any ideas?

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The question is kinda old but since I also ran into this prob and just solved it, maybe for future references I should mention that for the PyISAPIe script mapping someone must do the following in the properties of his virtual directory(home directory->configuration):

1) Add application extension

- executable:browse the `PyISAPIe.dll`, extension: `.py`

2) Insert wildcard application maps

- browse the `PyISAPIe.dll` (untick: Verify that file exists)

Hope it helps!

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