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How do I modify my Rails app to always include the milliseconds information with the created_at field of my models?

This question has the answer for how to do it for an individual model, but I want to do it globally.

For example, when I retrieve all my Item models (by hitting /items with a GET), I get the following JSON:


But note that the created_at field doesn't have any information about the millisecond that it was created. How do I include that for all my models?

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Overriding ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone#as_json worked for me:

class ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone

  def as_json(options = nil)
    if ActiveSupport::JSON::Encoding.use_standard_json_time_format
      %(#{time.strftime("%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S")} #{formatted_offset(false)})


Make sure to put this code in a file that is required by your Rails app. Now when I convert a created_at attribute to JSON, I get the milliseconds:

puts Post.last.created_at.to_json
# => "2012-06-29T11:51:00.841Z"

Also make sure to use Time.zone to instantiate new Time objects so that they show the same JSON behavior:

time = Time.zone.now
puts time.to_json
# => "2012-06-29T16:45:30.547Z"

Hope this helps someone!

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I was able to override the 'created_at' attribute selector for my Item model using this guide.

Anyone know how to do it for all models?

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Create an abstract model that inherits from ActiveModel and have all your models inherit from it, or put it in a library module and require/include it everywhere you need it. –  Dan Barron Jul 14 '14 at 15:36

For Rails 4.1 and above you can set the time_precision, e.g. in application.rb

ActiveSupport::JSON::Encoding.time_precision = 3

By the way, showing the milliseconds is now the default, it can be set to 0 if they should be omitted. Also it's good to know that .iso8601 doesn't include milliseconds but .as_json preserves them.

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