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In OSX 10.6 I used the following code to do something to each currently selected file in Finder:

app('Finder').selection.get.each do |item|
  url =CGI::unescape(item.URL.get)
  puts url

(this is launched by Keyboard Maestro). This worked perfectly fine, however in OSX Lion, the behaviour seems to have changed.

selection.get still returns the right reference app('Finder').selection.get[0] => app"/System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app"disks["Home"]folders["stian"]folders["Downloads"]document_files["Comprehensive Examination (1).doc"]

however, when I try to extract it with URL.get, I get a weird number: app('Finder').selection.get[0].URL.get => "file:///.file/id=6637683.2924283"

How do I take the reference above and get a POSIX path as a text string (/Home/stian/Downloads/Comprehensive Examination (1).doc)?

I can get a text version of the entire reference like this: app('Finder').selection.get[0].get.to_s => "app("/System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app").disks["Home"].folders["stian"].folders["Downloads"].document_files["Comprehensive Examination (1).doc"]"

so I guess I could parse this manually and construct the POSIX path, but that seems very cumbersome and brittle.

Thanks for any help!

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In Python, it's


I guess in Ruby it would be

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Perfect, thank you so much! –  Stian Håklev Aug 9 '11 at 4:06

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