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Alright, I have designed a website, with a transparent background/repeatable image. What I want to do is have it repeat all the way to the bottom of the page...

I want tried applying height to the container background including an also min-height of 100% to both elements, and seeing as the container and content within the container do not have a parent element besides "body" and or "html", I do not know how else I am supposed to keep this background repeating until it is literally connected to the bottom of the window.

It seems that I keep having recurring issues with making a background image repeat itself. 'Tis very aggravating.

I implore someone to please help me figure out this recurring issue. Hopefully my question may be solved and also answers. Thank you StackOverflow community.

Thank you very much! Aaron :-D

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In your container css try this:

background:url(images/containerback-01.png) repeat-y;

Without seeing your code it is a little hard to help.

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Just so you know, the default behavior of the background property is to repeat. So there is no need to declare repeat-y here unless you do not want the image to repeat horizontally. Source –  Nick Tomlin Nov 26 '12 at 22:40

An example would help, but if you are experiencing an issue where your background is ending where your content ends (leaving a big white gap afterwards), this should help:

html {
background: blue;

The background should now stretch the entire length of the page. A codepen of your problem could help generate more specific answers.

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