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I am trying to setup Eclipse CDT 8 with OpenCV 2.3 in Windows 7 32.

Firstly, I tried downloading OpenCV 2.3 and setting up with eclipse according to this tutorial (some minor different steps..):

After that, I got some "undefined reference to" errors. Then, I found out I had to recompile using Mingw32, so I did as this tutorial explains (I didn't use the part where it runs the demo file).

So, I ended up with my lib files in C:\opencvbin\lib (I chose this directory in CMake).

Inside Eclipse, I included the original source from OpenCV (in my case C:\OpenCV2.3\build\include).

To test the setup, I got the convexhull.cpp from C:\OpenCV2.3\opencv\samples\cpp, compiled with no errors, but when I run the exe, there is no result. Also, the debug seems not adjusted. This is the debug output in Eclipse:

[New Thread 6480.0x1994]

Is there anything missing during this setup?

If there is no apparent issue, please let me know so I can put more details.

ps: I chose this title because the question contents may help someone else setting up the environment. I can change if necessary.

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Put the DLL's from C:\opencvbin\bin in the same path where your .exe is (the compiled demo).

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A probably better alternative to copying the DLL's to you current directory is adding the directory containing them to PATH (and rebooting).

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