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I have multiple tables, 4 in total.

The premise of the tables, are to store information about tube videos. The 4 tables are called video, video_data, tube, and video_click.

"video" stores the information about each individual video, such as the title, duration, etc.

"video_data" stores all relative data for relations to multiple tables, for example each entry will have a video_id, category_id, and tube_id. Video 123 for example could be classified into 5 different categories, so it would have 5 entries into the video_data table, each entry having a unique category_id.

"tube" stores information about what tube is hosting this video.

"video_click" stores every single click made on a video's thumbnail. It stores information such as video_id, category_id, ip_address, timestamp, etc. I need this information to sort videos by most popular. This seems the most flexible to me because for example a video can be shown under multiple categories. So video 123 may be the #1 most popular video for Category A, but it could also be the #50 most popular video for Category B. If I did not do it this way, my sorting would not be accurate per category.

PROBLEM: I need to select all videos and information about each video from related tables that belong to category "123", and count each video_click entry for that unique video where the video_click's video_id and category_id match the video_id and category_id in video_data.

I seem to have achieved this or at least it looks as though I have with minimal examination on my part due to awful execution times with the following SQL:

SELECT DISTINCT vd.video_id, vd.tube_id, vd.date_timestamp, v.*, t.tube_title, t.tube_domain, COUNT(DISTINCT vd.video_id = vc.video_id) as count FROM video_data vd JOIN video v ON vd.video_id = v.video_id JOIN tube t ON vd.tube_id = t.tube_id, video_click vc WHERE vd.category_id=593 AND vd.status=1 GROUP BY v.video_title ORDER BY count DESC LIMIT 100

The above SQL majority of the time will timeout, sometimes it will return the result, and it seems accurate.

I am by no means very experienced with SQL, I would love for someone to take a look and possibly give me advice on a better design, or an SQL statement that is efficient so that I can achieve this? I appreciate the help!

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Is this homework? If so, please tag with the homework tag – Bohemian Aug 8 '11 at 3:34
No, it is not.. – Chris Aug 8 '11 at 12:14

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