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I'm a new user of BLAS/Lapack, and I'm just wondering is there a routine which does Gaussian elimination or even Gaussian-Jordan elimination? I googled and looked at their documentations, but still couldn't find them.

Thanks a lot for helping me out!

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Does it have to be Gaussian/Gauss-Jordan or can it be any algorithm which finds exact solutions to linear equations? –  Matt Ball Aug 8 '11 at 4:20
@Matt Ball I think I may prefer Gaussian/Gauss-Jordan because the resulting matrix will be put in the echelon form. Will other algorithms also produce row echelon form? –  Kelvin Lee Aug 8 '11 at 4:27

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Gaussian elimination is basically the same as LU factorization. The routine xGETRF computes the LU factorization (e.g., DGETRF for real double precision matrices). The U factor corresponds to the matrix after Gaussian elimination. The U factor is stored in the upper triangular part (including the diagonal) of the matrix A on exit.

LU factorization / Gaussian elimination is commonly used to solve linear systems of equations. You can use the xGETRS routine to solve a linear system once you have computed the LU factorization.

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