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At first, my Android project well ok. I was away from my Android Project for a month. Now, whenever simple Android projects are error, eventhough Hello World prj with Android. There is no error in my simple but at he name of project Folder , there is red cross for error sign. I was updated Installed Android parckage. However, it is not ok. Is there anyone who know how is it?

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clean your project, if you are using eclipse, on the window go to PROJECT and there click clean. –  ngesh Aug 8 '11 at 5:19

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There are might be two solutions Clean project Simply copy past your code into new android project

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I found the Problem explore Error generating final archive:Debug certificate expired on 8/5/11 2:35 PM! So, delete debug.keystore file at window machine %USERHOME%/debug.keystore clean the project. All are fine!

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if above solution can't help you . create a new project and copy src , res and manifest into it .

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Which IDE are you using. IF Eclipse go to project in the task bar and clean your project. Also check problems window.

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