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I cant seem to figure out to get custom header that I populate on the silverlight client at the time when CreateDataSource is called. I have the following code:

protected override CaseEntitiesContext CreateDataSource()
  return new CaseEntitiesContext(CaseGuid, ConnectionString, Provider)
    DefaultContainerName = "CaseEntitiesContext"

I get the ConnectionString and Provider from web.config but need to get CaseGuid from RequestHeader.

If I add the following code either in the constructor or in-line the code excutes after the CreateDataSource.

      ProcessingPipeline.ProcessingRequest += (o, args) =>
      CaseGuid = new Guid(args.OperationContext.RequestHeaders["caseguid"]);
      Debug.WriteLine("request case guid:" + args.OperationContext.RequestHeaders["caseguid"]);
      Debug.WriteLine("CaseRequest Processing HTTP {0} request for URI {1} Case Guid {2}",

Any ideas where / how I can get the Request object at CreateDataSource

FYI:CaseEntitiesContext is a custom constructor that creates the EF based upon Guid to determine the correct db catalog.

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The answer is to use HttpContext.Current.Request as the website is hosted in standard asp.net

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