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City-taxi booking requires to fulfill multiple criteria,

  1. Customer satisfaction (Even before 24 hours, when nothing is certain, software should be able to tell yes or no to the customer (for cab reservation))

  2. Maximum profit by utilizing all taxi as much as possible.

  3. Even if cab is available, saying no to the customer based on past data, by assuming that better customer will come.

Is there any research already done on this field? Are there any proven methods already available?

Note: I want to do this just for the sake of Hobby, because I found this problem really interesting.

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It looks like now a days, only syntax related questions are programming related, not the one which is logical. :) –  user183173 Aug 8 '11 at 6:16
I found this research paper Interesting rzevski.net/09%20Scheduler%20for%20Taxis.pdf –  SunnyShah Aug 8 '11 at 6:36
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This is hardly a programming question, and yes there's a lot of research already done in this field.

I spent a little time on the outskirts of the taxi industry (equipment to be installed in cabs) and I'll tell you that getting access to their electrical interface specs was difficult enough. There's a lot of closely guarded secrets in the industry, and the algorithms they use to schedule the taxis are among them.

It sounds like you're researching a university homework question. I'd suggest typing your query into Google. I found no less than 5 research papers on the subject in a couple of searches.

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