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Our application uses intensive logging into XML file to make it easier for developers to deal with a problem when it comes to technical support. Usually a log entry is created when application enters some function and upon exiting it. The question I ask myself is: is it appropriate to include function names to log entries, e.g. should we log

Entering DoSomeStuff()


Leaving DoSomeStuff


Doing some stuff


Finished doing some stuff


Will logs with function names compromise our obfuscation?


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Well, a log is the antithesis of obfuscation -- it outlines in DETAIL the internal operation of your application. If you want to obfuscate your app's logic, then a log is the worst kind of thing you can put in a place where a user can access. At least encrypt it with a key that is heavily obfuscated in your app. –  Stephen Chung Aug 9 '11 at 4:14

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Generally, no putting actual method names into the logging is a bad idea, perhaps you could work around this by putting more ambigious messages such as a "Generating Website", but then again this depreciates the idea of doing the logging in the first place.

Personally, I'd use a third party tool such as RedGate Smart Assembly, which would automatically create log reports of client crashes/errors. Thus providing technical support with a solid foundation of what the problem is.

Redgate Smart Assembly

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