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I have controller with


And i have route

GET     /                                       Application.index

I want to implement some rest features, and add this route

GET     /api/index                              Application.index(format:'json')

I have template not found exception. How can i say to play use renderJSON() when format is json without any code changes?

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As you use the render() method, Play! will search a template file with the name of the action (detail on Play! website :

You have to use renderJSON(params...), it will bypass the default template!

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Your use case doesn't really make sense. In the standard render() call, you are likely passing some pojos to the template to use (or none at all), this is a varargs method. In the renderJSON() call you always need to pass an object which can be serialized to json by the Gson library, or a string with is already in json.

Add a new method to your Application class that handles json responses:

# normal index page
GET     /             Application.index
# api request
GET     /api/index    Application.indexJson
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