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Under Emacs, I am trying to fold ocaml source files in such a way that:

each let-definition is folded into something like "let myfunction = ..."

This should be a natural request for all ocaml programmes. I think the answer for Emacs should be the outline-minor-mode. But for whatever command related to outline-mode, I got the same error info. from the minibuffer

invalide search bound(wrong side of point)

For info, I am under Tuareg major mode for ocaml editing. I activate outline-minor-mode by

M-x outline-minor-mode

then, I try to hide sublevels by

M-x hide-sublevels

which gives me the above mentioned error info. Any ideas?

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I can't reproduce that behavior (with an emacs config void of anything related to outline-mode). Have you configured outline mode, and how ? –  huitseeker Aug 13 '11 at 21:33

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