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I have this 3 table query that doesn't return any results. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? _id is a global variable.

'If there is a guest list then display each person in it
    Dim guests = (From g In myEntities.GuestLists
                  From p In myEntities.Pictures
                  From u In myEntities.UserProfiles
                  Where g.EventID = _id
                  Where p.UserID = g.GuestID
                  Where u.UserID = g.GuestID
                  Select New With {p.ImUrl, u.FirstName, u.LastName, u.UserID}).SingleOrDefault()
    Repeater1.DataSource = guests

This syntax works for a single table or two table query so I assumed 3 tables would be the same.

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I think you have to JOIN the tables.

Like this (untested!)

From g In myEntities.GuestLists
Join p In myEntities.Pictures On g.GuestID Equals p.UserID
Join u In myEntities.UserProfiles On g.GuestID Equals u.UserID
Where g.EventID == _id
Select New With {p.ImUrl, u.FirstName, u.LastName, u.UserID}
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