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i m getting a problem with my localized xib. I have created english version xib first, then made them localized, & added other localization. it works fine in app also. But when i open other language xib with IB, i m unable to get all outlets & IBActions. It seems like it is taking only those one that were present when i created the localized file, & not showing newly added one.

Does file not getting updated?

Note : My other team member done the same thing & they don't have problem. i also tried to removed & created all new localized file then also no change.

I m unable to identify the problem, i m stuck on this problem & cannot proceed with further development.

Please help .. :(

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If you have Xibs in different languages, they don't get updated automatically when you change the English one.

Instead, you should either merge the new changes using ibtool (type man ibtool in Terminal to learn its options), or use a dedicated application like iLocalize.

In general, it can be quite an issue to update all the localizations all the time and sometimes large changes can't be merged well automatically. You need to be careful about that.

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