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im thinking of making a company intranet web site, please can some one advice what the best method be to develop this would be. Iv heard that sharepoint 2010 is supposed be a great to develop intranet web sites. can some recommend any other tools I might be able to use.

if some one has some good tutorials for sharepoint please share !!

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Here is the MS Training for SP2010 Development, it's not a bad starting place if you haven't used it before. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/ee513147.aspx

We have used MediaWiki, Confluence, and both SharePoint2007 and 2010. MediaWiki was our original proof of concent of a centralized intranet, but as I recall there were some security/maintainablility issues. Confluence has served us well, is stable, but was put into place before our in house development team existed. Now that we have in house dev, who mainly work in .Net we find that we can take advantage of SharePoint 2010s native document manangement/wiki functionality, and create web parts that integrate with other applications in the organization create a nice one stop shop if you will.

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