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I'm currently using the 960 grid system framework for my CSS project and I've decided to work in their suggested text.css file. I notice their suggested font sizes are all in pixels, wouldn't it be better to use percents instead? Why do you think they've gone with pixels?

If you use 960 in your projects, what do you recommend?


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It's personal preference, if you decide to you want to use % then go through and change all px values to % :) –  Kyle Aug 8 '11 at 9:10
I usually go with px and have not used % really that much. I suppose the attraction with % comes from flexibility. –  Joonas Aug 8 '11 at 9:10

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It's odd, I have always been told to use em for font-size, in regard of portability issues.

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You can use a percentage to define a font, but it's not as precise as utilizing a fixed pixel specification or a fluid em

font-size:30px; --> it will always be 30px no matter what font-size:2em; --> it scales up and down if the screen increases or decreases in size

If you are using a fixed-width column layout, which has a total of 960px, hence the name 960 grid, then yes, its easier if you just go for fixed pixel sizes to make sure everything fits fine.

You should experiment using em anyway as its quite handy

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