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Trying to find a PHP library that will enable me to convert docx to ePub.

I'm aware of Java solutions (e.g., and PHP classes used to create ePub files (e.g.

But what I'm looking for is a direct conversion from docx (or PDF at a push) to ePub using PHP.

Is anyone aware of solution that can achieve this?


I have added a link in my answer below to a solution that I have developed to achieve this. The solution is available on Github at:

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I'm afraid that the only direct solution to convert from DOCX to EPUB is the .NET component made by Aspose.

One possible indirect way (I've not tested this):

  • Convert DOCX to DocBook XML (See this SO thread - I think that you can control OpenOffice server with PHP).
  • Use the DocBook XSLT to convert DocBook XML to EPUB (can be made with PHP, see libxslt).
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Though I haven't been able to find a direct solution for this, I have found the following simple solution for converting from docx to ePub.

  • Firstly, use PHPDocx to export xHTML from the docx file
  • Then, use the EPub class to convert the exported HTML into an ePub file.

An example of this is available here:

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