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I want do something like that: I have form with pictures, when I click on ones, I want to display new window with this picture (it must be only picture, without some toolbox or border). Continuing I want to be able move this window (when I press button on mouse and move mouse, this window must move with my cursor, when I up button window won't move when I move mouse).

I do it like that: make new window form, remove toolbar, border, add pictureBox, add method on mouseDown, mouseUp and mouseMove. Code for method:

    private void FormZdjecie_MouseDown( object sender, MouseEventArgs e ) {
        buttonUp = false;
        previous = e.Location;

    private void pictureBox1_MouseUp( object sender, MouseEventArgs e ) {
        buttonUp = true;

    private void pictureBox1_MouseMove( object sender, MouseEventArgs e ) {
        if ( !buttonUp ) {

            Point diff = new Point();
            diff.X = e.X - previous.X;
            diff.Y = e.Y - previous.Y;

            this.Location = new Point( this.Location.X + diff.X, this.Location.Y + diff.Y );

            previous = e.Location;

I work, but it very slow refresh. How do it to work like windows form (when I move normal windows form it look fine), but my method look badly ;p Any idea how to make it?

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You need to use the WinAPI. See here.

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thanks, it works. I edit my post with extra question –  nirmus Aug 8 '11 at 10:18
Please post a new question for the edit. –  Daniel Hilgarth Aug 8 '11 at 10:37
stackoverflow.com/questions/6981006/problems-with-moving-window it's link for now question –  nirmus Aug 8 '11 at 10:47

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