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I am new to TinyMCE. I wanted to customize the HTML generated by the Rich Text Editor (RTE) to be saved with tags without 'style' attribute.

For example, here is what I want to achieve:- If i change the font of text in RTE to color red (#ff0000), the HTML generated is:-

<p><font style="color: #ff0000;">Some text to format</font></p>

But I want the HTML to be stored as :-

<p><font color="#ff0000">Some text to format</font></p>

I am aware that <font> tag is deprecated, but I need to render this HTML in a Flex application which supports naive HTML.

I tried the following configuration:-

inline_styles : true

I also tried setting it to false, just in case I was comprehending the semantic, opposite. But no success so far.

Any pointers shall be appreciated.



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TinyMCE tries to stay away from deprecated things (at least it did when I was a little more engaged in it, many months ago), so you may expect a lot of troubles.

The option inline_styles (when set to false) is expected to do what you want, so it may be a bug. You may ask about this problem on their forums. (The main creator of TinyMCE, Spocke, is a friendly man, who often answers this type of questions.) Just be sure to show them the full configuration you have.

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