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i want to start service when the boot is completed..My phone is rooted cyanogen mod..i am sure the program is true..and my phone is not start TASK KİLLER and others..is there any settings for it ??Thank you

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There are several reasons that might cause your application to not receive BOOT_COMPLETED braodcast:

  1. You don't have RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED permission in your AndroidManifest.xml
  2. Your application is installed on SD card. Note that BOOT_COMPLETED is usually sent before SD card is mounted, and therefore all applications that are located on SD card are not yet registered in the system. Make your application to be installable to internal memory only.
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This is problem solve..i rooted my phone and i change default settings.so application will be install SD card..that was problem..Thank you.. –  metin Aug 8 '11 at 11:47

have a look here:


it shows how to register for BOOT_COMPLETE broadcast events.

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