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I have a list like this

  <li .current></li>

and if a user clicks on an li it adopts the class "current". I want to test this in capybara but im wondering how to write the test. I want to be specific in the test by saying the second element should only have the class "current".

i know how to target the second element using xpath i.e //li[2] and i also know how target an element by class //li[@class="current"] but i dont know how to bring them both together to to write this test.

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Is this what you want? :)

assert _the_li_element_you_found.node[:class] == "current"
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i tried that but it didnt work so instead i tried assert _the_li_element_you_found[:class] == "current" which did work. Thanks for your help. Got me there in the end. – robodisco Aug 21 '11 at 16:39

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