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Wonder if anyone can help.

I recently had an issue with UTF8 in the Database and pages of a bespoke CMS I inherited. Going forward that's all sorted now, the code and DB has been changed to cater and properly convert, however I have an issue in that existing entries in the DB are obvioulsy sat there in the old character format and I need to convert all those.

Eg Ķ, ī

I was going to run an replace in the mysql DB to replace all these, but what I could do with is knowing what all these weird characters translate to eg ó.

Can anyone recommend a good table/reference to look at ? I have been searching but can't seem to come up with the right thing.

If I understand right these are two byte UTF8 characters.


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Try running these values in utf8_decode.

It looks like they've been valid, then utf8_encode'd.

If that's the case, try running a loop and update these rows.

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Hi, Thanks - I gave this a quick try on the actual page and it works - I'll figure out the easiest way of updating the DB now, there's about 30 tables it seems! –  mro Aug 8 '11 at 11:31

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