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I need to draw class diagrams for my ruby on rails classes? I heard RailRoad is better for this. but still I cannot install it. I am working with windows. Can anybody help me?

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Another alternative would be to use the free trial of Rubymine; it can generate decent model dependency diagrams –  Jeff Paquette Aug 8 '11 at 12:41
thank you.... I installed Rubymine. but where can I find model dependency diagrams in Rubymine? –  Rosh Aug 9 '11 at 4:32
I think it's in the file menu. I don't have access at the moment to verify. –  Jeff Paquette Aug 9 '11 at 13:31
thank you... I found diagrams in file/settings. I create a project in Rubymine and now I want to see my class diagrams. how can I see ? sorry for asking foolish questions...I am novel to the RoR and difficult to do even little thing in ruby –  Rosh Aug 10 '11 at 11:29
to find a model diagram right click on the project and select show model dependency diagram. then you can view model diagrams. –  Rosh Aug 11 '11 at 3:23

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