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I'm trying to do actions on mouseover of an image map area. Here is my HTML:

<img src="img/denisanddavid-bkgd.jpg" alt="Denis and David - web development and solution" width="1024" height="1299" border="0" usemap="#bkgdMap" id="bkgd" />
    <map name="bkgdMap" id="bkgdMap">
         <area shape="rect" coords="12,161,341,379" href="#" alt="qdk" id="qdk" class="mapping" />
         <area shape="rect" coords="347,162,675,379" href="#" alt="gifgif" alt="gifgif" class="mapping" />

And here is my js:

$('.mapping').mouseover(function() {



I don't understand why, but the jquery is only launched for the first area and not the others. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I just tried your code in Safari and it works just as intended. 2 separate areas that give out separate alerts. One is alerting "qdk" and other "undefined", as you don’t have an ID attribute for the second map.

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good catch, I never even looked at the IDs :) Sad thing is, I have burned myself on this before. –  Mfoo Aug 8 '11 at 11:42

Did you try using hover?

example from jquery site...

  function () {
  function () {
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