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I need to generate a random hash using CryptoPP, using SHA1. At the minute I have:

#include <cryptopp/sha.h>
#include <cryptopp/filters.h>
#include <cryptopp/hex.h>


CryptoPP::SHA1 sha1;
string source = "Hello";  //This will be randomly generated somehow
string hash = "";
StringSource(source, true, new HashFilter(sha1, new HexEncoder(new StringSink(hash))));

When I come to compile, I get the following error reported:

error: expected type-specifier before 'HashFilter'
error: expected ')' before 'HashFilter'
error: 'StringSource' was not declared in this scope

Can anyone help me to get this working? Is there a much simpler way of performing this using this library? I am new to using Crypto++ so all help will be much appreciated.


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Just specify your namespaces correctly and carefully:

#include <cryptopp/sha.h>
#include <cryptopp/filters.h>
#include <cryptopp/hex.h>

#include <string>

int main()
  CryptoPP::SHA1 sha1;
  std::string source = "Hello";  //This will be randomly generated somehow
  std::string hash = "";
  CryptoPP::StringSource(source, true, new CryptoPP::HashFilter(sha1, new CryptoPP::HexEncoder(new CryptoPP::StringSink(hash))));
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Great, thanks a lot. I thought I had tried this previously, but must've missed something! –  SutureSelf Aug 8 '11 at 13:04
THANK YOU! The cryptopp documentation has no examples. –  kipple Jun 20 '13 at 15:52
Documentation is not the proper place to look since its an API reference (you are talking about the links at the top of the homepage, right?). Try the Crypto++ Wiki. In particular, the Sample Category. –  jww Oct 2 '13 at 5:31

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