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I'm trying to execute a sql query through powerpivot and I get the following error

"Unable to convert a value to the data type requested for table (massive hex string) column (name)"

SELECT [name], [table].[group],[table2].[group2] ,SUM([number]) AS number
FROM table LEFT JOIN [table2] ON table.[group ID]  = [table2].id 
GROUP BY [name],[table].[group],[table2].[group2]

Powerpivot's validator is happy with the query and the same query runs fine through sql management studio, any ideas how I can fix this?

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Is the cell in EXCEL assigned a datatype already, like Number? –  JNK Aug 8 '11 at 13:15

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this usually happens when you are updating a query in a table that already had data from the original query, and the columns in that table already assigned datatypes based on the previous query. Either recreate the table or change the datatypes to the ones in your new query.

Hope that helps.

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